Solving The Problem With The Inability To Install Intr Vecno

In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that might cause intr vecno installation to fail and then we will suggest possible fix methods that you can try to solve this problem.

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             I can't easily share IRQ 3 with devices, even if there are multiple devices         provided by Micro Channel Architecture (MCA). Message         As at startup, the following is displayed:         WARNING: sio: unable to get Intr vecno=3, type=1, IPL=7                  Vector 3 is usually private
              Set so that IRQ 3 can actually be shared with COM 3's serial port.          Peripherals and various IBM cards (especially SNA), interrupt          The Type category in /etc/conf/sdevice.d/sio needs to be changed; as well as         You need to change the Driver.o entry in /etc/conf/pack.d/sio. Note          that most of the # below are hints provided by your system          no need to enter. All commands must be accompanied          carriage return.          1. Edit the field:             # cd /etc/conf/sdevice.d              video number          The file originally contained:sio Y 26 7 0 different 3F8 3FF 0 0Sio Y ninety about two thirds 2F8 2F8 three 0          Change the fifth specific field from 0 to slightly so that it contains          what follows:sio Y 26 7 3 almost four 3F8 3FF 0 0Sio Y 40 6 or more 2 2F8 2F8 3 02. Fix the Driver.o file:         disk number /etc/conf/pack.d/sio          # cp Driver.o Driver.o.00 (this will create a backup for                                           Safety)          # -w /etc/_fstDriver.o -            * siochkvec+0x14, ?w 8036a (* is a hint for                                           /etc/_fst)          siochkvets+0x14:0x14:0x16a=0x36a                                        (This is the language /etc/_fst                                         come back if everything goes well)            ( space ) $q ($q closes the program)** cannot install intr vecno

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    Kann Intr Vecno Nicht Installieren
    Ne Mogu Ustanovit Intr Vekno
    Impossibile Installare Intr Vecno
    Kan Inte Installera Intr Vecno
    Nie Mozna Zainstalowac Intr Vecno
    Nao E Possivel Instalar O Intr Vecno
    Kan Intr Vecno Niet Installeren
    No Puedo Instalar Intr Vecno
    Impossible D Installer Intr Vecno
    Intr Vecno를 설치할 수 없습니다