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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known error message with acroiehelper. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. Now let’s discuss some of them.

    Do not delete

    All comments of acroiehelper.dll:
    Also: Adobe file Link see Acrobat c
    Adobe Internet Explorer extension. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAcroIEHelper.AcroIEHlprObj Lucas B
    See also Miscellaneous link: Chris
    Antiviruses always return to hysterical mode. It uses a lot of memory and loads even if you’re not using Acrobat. I let Boots say it. Johnson
    Dennis Adobe Reader See acrobat. See also: link Mike
    See also: jq2 link
    Supplied by Adobe, but offers a lot of memory
    not really a spy, the system is lame, (old computers) proggie a ripper (amadeuz)
    It comes from ADOBE and doesn’t necessarily take up a lot of memory. I say turn it off. Darrin Crobat
    Reader plugin – intrusive but realistic if you’re obsessed with updating Vic Van Vroom’s PDF reader
    Adobe Writer/Reader 5 is different from Windows XP Cyber
    adobe Acrobat. no problem Arla
    Adobe Acrobat Internet Explorer plugin value
    Harmless except for What I don’t think is that you need to leave it enabled all the time as it really drains a lot of resources. Sangrientha
    Vicuna is quite a dangerous bean step
    Adobe Acrobat sound launches Red Phosphor
    This downloaded ActiveX component is included with Adobe Reader acrobat 7. The latest version of Acrobat used was Reader V5.1. Version 6 La was the slowest version. Unfortunately, the first series is full of errors. Almost every day I get error messages that WinXP has stopped. Some types of errors are associated with AcroIEHelper. It’s mean Martin
    and didn’t ask my permission, so avoid pushing Eric into the boars
    AcroIEhelper.Dll ed
    I couldn’t shut you down. It did not concern my efforts directly. Adobe has made this out of big business. Even a large enough PDF file is versatile enough to see how government spies infiltrate their existing programs and insert code for the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. Keep an eye out for potential political enemies. See also: Fel Acroiehelper
    Fehler Acroiehelper
    Erro Acroiehelper
    Errore Acroiehelper
    Blad Acroiehelper
    오류 Acroiehelper
    Erreur Acroiehelper
    Fout Acroiehelper
    Error Acroiehelper

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