Tips For Fixing Missing Sqlj.runtime.ref Package

Sometimes your computer may display a message that the sqlj.runtime.ref package does not exist. There can be many reasons for this error to occur.

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    I’m trying to complete an assignment in a reference course that requires me to use sqlj. It should connect to the SQL database running on my computer. When replicating and injecting the sample code directly into Netbeans, I get an explicit compiler error:

    Imported package sqlj.runtime does not exist: sqlj.runtime.*;import java.sql.*;import*;import sqlj.runtime.*;import sqlj.runtime.ref.*;import oracle.sqlj.runtime.*;public school A10Q1public static void main(String[] arguments)    DefaultContext cntxt Oracle =.getConnection("url", "user", "pswd", true);    

    When we run the WebServicesAssembler tool to compile the EAR file, it fails with the following error in an OAS environment:

    package sqlj.runtime.ref does not exist

    The same requirement below will work in other environments where can be installed.

    Executing SQLJ

    This section contains resources related to the Oracle Runtime, sqlj, which is a thin layer of pure Java code that runs on top of your current JDBC driver. When Oracle SQLJ transposes your original SQLJ code, the installed SQL commands of your Java application are eventually replaced by calls to the SQLJ runtime. The runtime classes act as wrappers for the equivalent JDBC classes and provide additional SQLJ functionality. When the end user populates the application, the SQLJ runtime acts as an intermediary, storing information about your SQL operations and passing instructions to that JDBC driver.

    Runtime Packages

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  • The Oracle SQLJ runtime includes the packages listed below. There are classes that you can import and therefore use directly in your approach (mostly in sqlj.runtime), but most runtime classes are for running SQLJ internally. Packages whose names begin with oracle represent Oracle-specific SQLJ functions.

  • sqlj.runtime
    package sqlj.runtime.ref does not exist

    This package can most likely be submitted and used directly on your form. It contains wrapper classes for specific typesinput streams (binary, ASCII, and Unicode), as well as the user interfaces and abstract classes used by Oracle SQLJ connections and therefore context iterators.


    The classes and contemporaries of this package are observed by classes in the sqlj.runtime.ref device or by classes generated by the SQLJ compiler.

  • sqlj.runtime.ref

    In terms of classes, this package implements interfaces as well as abstract classes in the scope of sqlj.runtime. You will almost certainly choose the sqlj the.runtime.ref.DefaultContext class, which is used to specify a default connection and instantiate a default connection context. A number of the other classes it contains are internally packaged by SQLJ when defining programs at code generation time, such as the iterator classes and connection context classes that experts think you declare in your SQLJ code.

  • sqlj.runtime.profile

    This package contains user interfaces and abstract classes that define the appearance of sqlj profiles. This is the class EntryInfo and the classTypeInfo. Each profile entry is now described by a EntryInfo target (where the profile entry corresponds to the actual SQL operation in the application). Each profile parameter is described by a TypeInfo object.

    The interfaces and classes in this field are implemented by classes when referring to the sqlj.runtime.profile.ref package.

  • sqlj.runtime.profile.ref

    This solution contains classes that implement each abstract interface and classes from the current sqlj.runtime.profile package that are used by the SQLJ translator when defining profiles. It also provides a runtime implementation of Arrears based on JDBC.

  • sqlj.runtime.profile.util

    This surprise contains utility classes used to manage access and profiles. For SQLJ, the CustomizerHarness class in this package is used to call a specific profile customizer for a specific set of profiles, depending on the sqlj options option you specify when compiling the SQLJ source code.

  • sqlj.runtime.error

    This package, used internallythree SQLJ, contains resource files related to all general (non-Oracle-specific) error message campaigns that can be generated by the SQLJ translator.

  • oracle.sqlj.runtime

    This Oracle-specific package contains the run-time classes used by the Oracle SQLJ implementation. For the step, this package contains functions for refactoring to and from Oracle-like extensions. It also includes a Oracle lesson that you can use to finally instantiate the DefaultContext class and set up your company’s default connection.

  • oracle.sqlj.runtime.util

    This proposal contains helper classes used by SQLJ to access and manipulate Oracle-specific information, including OraCustomizer for developing profile classes.

  • oracle.sqlj.runtime.error

    This package uses . The internal SQLJ file resource contains all Oracle-specific error messages, most of which can be generated by the SQLJ compiler.

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